Bye bye 2017

Bye bye 2017 !

Of course I don’t know what will happen in 2018, but it will be very difficult to compete with the year that is about to end! 2017 will remain of the most important of my life! With 2 Anniversaries. 5 Star turned 10 on November 30th, I turned 50 on December 1st, the following day !

I didn’t think I would be more alive, happy, and feeling even more “young” at the age of 50’ than 40’ as I never thought I would celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 5 Star. But it’s happened and I wish to everyone, one day in a life time to be spoiled, to be blessed and truly congratulated as I have been. Special thanks to my young and pretty fiancée, Shady, her youth gives me the motivation and the wings necessary to envisage new projects! I love you and I always will ! What’s Next ? Shady would you marry me ? Petra Klingler would you organize? Virlane Torbit would

you be our MC ? Peter Webber would you do the cake ?

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