5 Star 10th Anniversary : An Amazing and unforgettable party !

I missing the words today to express my feelings after this extraordinary Celebration orchestrated with class and elegance by my friend Petra Klingler and her lovely partner, Virlane Torbit, Peter Webber the catering Chef and Shane the Dj whom I thank from the bottom of my heart. I would also like to thank my family from Koh Samui, my lovely girl Friend Shady Suparat, my daughter Oy Suntonpakdee, my friends from Phuket Alain Rimey-meille, Svetlana, Pascal Kissling, GM’s of Holiday Inn Patong Bart Callens and his wife, my German family Pascal and François Remue, Evelyne Sieber Lang and Peter Sieber who made me the huge surprise of coming from Hong-Kong, my loyal Danish customers Suzanne and Peter, Mr Claude de Crissey Consul of France, Alain Faudot from “Bonjour Phuket”, Khun Pond Guinault from “The Guide Phuket” , my talented friend and carpenter Mike and his wife, my counselor and her team at the Bangkok Bank, and my Owner. I also thank all those who couldn’t attend the party and sent me their congratulations by mails, messages or phone, my family and friends from France and from all parts of the world. Finally my extraordinary team of the past and the present who over the years have contributed to the success of 5 Star. At the end I want to dedicate my success to my mother, Andre Claude who never doubts and encourage me from the beginning.

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