10th Anniversary Celebration


It is with great emotion, joy, and pride that I officially announce an important date and event. On November 30th, 2017 we will   celebrate the 10th anniversary of 5 Star Massage & Beauty Salon in Patong Beach, 225 Rat U Thit Road.  Already 10 years ?

5 Star Massage was founded in 2005 (The first little salon not far) but  the serious development in actual location in November 2007. It was the idea of starting a salon as beautiful as the spas in 5 star hotels (hence, the name 5 Star), but at a price affordable to the wider public. It was an immediate success which continues to grow today.

10 wonderful years, which will certainly remain the most memorable and exciting of my life on a personal and professional level.

10 years,  like all good things, passed too fast !

10 years expatriated – far from my family, my friends, my culture and my roots. It has not always been easy, but the warm, welcoming and smiling Thai people have always made me feel at home!

During all these years, I have often asked the same questions about what motivated me, inspired me, given me the desire, the energy, the courage to leave a safe lifestyle for unknown? Start all over again, far, elsewhere…..!

What I often answered was “Why not”? Not because I’m unconscious nor because I did not want to tell my life, but because it summed up my state of mind at the time.

Still today, I do not know. I’m more used to believing in work than luck, but I’ve had it too. I’ve often heard that a positive attitude attracts chance. It’s true, I often have it checked, so maybe that country, those people, that culture, that religion gave me that positive mind ! 

Without believing in a divine force, or an invisible thread that would guide my steps towards my choices, there are in my journey, events and things that I can not explain, and I don’t want to.

Probably that the magic of these years comes from those unexplained things!

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